• Abundance/existence of service providers presently doing nothing,
  • Availability of infrastructure and facilities in bad state of repair that need to be upgraded,
  • Existence of the University of Science and Technology and four (4) teacher training colleges in the region,
  • Geographic location of Bulawayo as gate-way to Africa (South or North), and
  • Availability of human resources expertise.


  • Lack of industries in the region for people to ply their trades,
  • Poor coordination of efforts of institutions,
  • Lack of recreational facilities,
  • High unemployment rate in the region,
  • Insufficient conference facilities,
  • Poor inter-governmental partnerships, and
  • Poor quality assurance centres, i.e. no evaluation and monitoring.


  • Geographic location favourable to the region,
  • Collective identification of training needs, and
  • Possible change of existing political structure.


  • Zanu pf and Zimbabwe state sponsored violence,
  • High migration of skilled labour force/personnel,
  • Predominantly poor population with high levels of illiteracy and dependency that affect productivity and ability to compete for jobs even if available,
  • Great inequalities between the rich and poor as well as disparities between urban and rural,
  • High rate of HIV/AIDS sufferers (students and workers) as a social and economic challenge,
  • Available resources that are unevenly distributed and that offer limited potential for improved delivery of services and growth, and
  • Possible refusal of current regime to accede to our secession demand.

Critical Success Variables

For Mthwakazi Freedom Project to meet its challenges and achieve the overall objective of promoting and turning Bulawayo into a Freedom Project Centre, it needs to do the following:

  • Develop solid staff complement with all the required skills and competencies,
  • Ensure the affiliated institutions are suitably equipped to render a superior quality education and training,
  • The centre is professionally managed and well organized,
  • There is consistent operational performance amongst all affiliated institutions, and
  • Education and training efforts are well coordinated and institutions complement each other.

Financial support covering all key activities of the centre needs to be in place. Annual budgets need to be developed and funded adequately in line with expected activities. The Mthwakazi Freedom Project must ensure that it maintains effective control over strategic, financial, organizational and compliance issues. Performance need to be monitored on a monthly basis through reports, audits and an annual report.

Financial discipline will enable Mthwakazi Freedom Project to focus on initiatives aimed at accountability and improvements on performance, whilst working closely with affiliated institutions to achieve broader goals efficiently and effectively.