The organisational information is presented below. This Organization (Mthwakazi Freedom Project) intends to influence the initiation of a structured process of quality improvements at schools where the local universities are envisaged to play prominent roles in the future development of the region. Until today students from various regions could not access the local universities, because they came from secondary schools that were not equipped for the teaching of natural science subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

This will now have to change for the better. In terms of the programme of action, this organization will contribute in the identification and marketing of skills and lobby for the implementation of appropriate interventions. As can be seen from below, the team of specialized research project workers will not only take the lead in the training of individuals as Community Project Workers, but will also present a course for networking facilitators in the field of local economic development (LED). This Organisation will also facilitate the introduction of entrepreneurial and financing management training programmes for contractors and consulting engineers who undoubtedly will emerge in post Mugabe’s dictatorial rule in Zimbabwe for the benefit of Mthwakazi as a whole.

This Organisation will also establish partnerships with the business sector and assist unemployed graduates through the implementation of value-adding and processing skills development programmes. There are many other programmes that will be developed by this Organisation, including the business and finance management skills development programme, specialist agriculture and mines extension development programme and the access to production and marketing skills programme. It is important to note that the team of specialist research community project workers possesses the intellectual and practical experience in their respective fields to achieve efficient and effective results.


Mthwakazi Freedom Project

Title of Project

Socio-economic, political, educational and cultural reconstruction and transformation of the entire regions of Matebeleland and Midlands (Mthwakazi country) in present day Zimbabwe.

Type of Problem

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, underdevelopment, marginalisation, poverty and gross inequities. The marginalised and the poor also have a potential to play an active role in the development and transformation of their living conditions.

Town and Country

Bulawayo, Matebeleland (Mthwakazi country) in present day Zimbabwe.

Project Duration

Indefinite – until development and democracy are firmly rooted.

Targeted Beneficiaries

Community based organisations, civil society, Not for profit organizations (NGOs), the poor and marginalised communities, citizens and their children, local and national government departments and public servants and officials.

Contact Details for the Proposal



4 Leslie Meehan Terrace

Brookhill Close


SE18 6FG

+44 (0) 799 024 9822

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No 42 St David Road

Upper Houghton


South Africa


+27 72 350 4916

Contact Details for the Proposal

Jerold Sibanyoni



69 Leyswood Drive




+44 (0) 742 763 4604

Staff Component and Competencies

Mthwakazi Freedom Project - Staff Collective, with a multidisciplinary team comprising of specialist project workers and researchers: lawyers, educationalists, sociologists, economists, geographer, town planners, development planners, architects and organisational and administrative experts.

Project Summary

This project is aimed at a meaningful transfer of knowledge and skills as a prerequisite for eradicating poverty and inequality of the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi country).