The main source of income during the pre-operational and operational periods will be funds received from the donor community. A membership fee shall be determined and fully paid up during the period September 2014 to August 2015. From then onwards this contribution will occur on an annual basis. Income needs to be raised so that the Mthwakazi Freedom Project is self-sufficient by September 2015 and beyond.

The cash-flow projections for the first year (September 2014 to August 2015) operational period indicate that appropriate financial assistance will be required. All expenses will be covered from these funds. The most urgent equipment and tools required relate to the purchasing of text books of all key subjects, including for the subjects of mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics at secondary, college and university levels; desk top computers, laptops, printers, projectors, photo copiers and others. The specific cash-flow projections will be outlined on a case by case or project by project basis.