The primary activity of the Mthwakazi Freedom Project is to reconstruct and develop the region’s education and training development in its entirety. To coordinate the entire region’s development activities with local education and training institutions whilst, retaining independence from the activities of member institutions.

Mthwakazi Freedom Project seeks to expand the knowledge base complemented by a pool of the skills and experience offered by all training and education institutions in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) area. This Project will also access a group of highly skilled researchers whose contribution will be of immense value to all the citizens.

Mthwakazi Freedom Project will also extend expertise to all tiers of government within the SADC cities and provinces of the region. The operating activities of the Freedom Project shall be focused but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that institutions affiliated, assets to the nation, must be made to work for the people to whom they ultimately belong,
  • Facilitating the empowerment of the communities in which it operates,
  • Attracting private sector investment into the region,
  • Establishing a blue print for the management and development of education and training,
  • Supporting and assisting in the marketing of local education and training institutions,
  • Facilitating the establishment and sustaining of infrastructure and logistics for an effective link between the national level, regional human resources strategy and skills development strategy at localities, and
  • Extending accessibility and availability of public learning centres suitable for out of school youth and adults.