Mthwakazi Freedom Project

For [34] thirty four years, the people of Mthwakazi nation in present day Zimbabwe, have resisted extinction, endured major genocide, suffered economic marginalisation and absorbed immeasurable insult and injury from the genocidal regime of Zimbabwe. Mthwakazi nation has lost hundreds of thousands of its people to genocide, massacre and ethnic cleansing. Millions have scattered to exile in neighbouring countries and elsewhere throughout the world, while many thousands are languishing in prisons and hundreds of thousands more continue to silently suffer punishment and torture from a regime that has trampled on human rights and justice with alarming impunity and arrogance.

We are an inter-cultural society of multi ethnic groups of people, a product of emigration, colonial expansion and intermarriages, who fall under five groups being: pre-colonial black inhabitants, European emigrants, Asian emigrants, Black emigrants, and Coloureds, also we are a diverse community of inter-cultural nationalities namely: Ndebele, Zulu, Nguni, Kalanga, Xhosa, Venda, Tonga, Sotho, Nambya, Swazi, African Asians, Coloureds, Tswana, Shangani, Karanga etc. From the north we have the peripheral Tonga and Nambya Nationalities, the Tonga people originated from the great Tonga Kingdom, the Nambyans originated from the Rozwi Kingdom.

From the south we have the Sotho, Venda, Swazi, Xhosa and Ndebele nationalities, which originated from the South African Kingdoms. From the west we have the Tswana originating from the great Ngwato Kingdom. We also have the Sena or Basarwa or Nama [Thwa] who are recognised as the first nationalities to settle in Matabeleland. Kalanga is the nationality known by the Language which resulted from the mixture of Sani, Tonga, Rozwi and Tswana languages. In the east there is the Shangani nationality who originated from the Shangani Kingdom, also in the east we have the Karanga nationality which like the Kalanga is a nationality known by the language which resulted from the mixture of Sani, Rozwi, Tonga of Saunyama and some Manyika of the Sena dialects.

The historical and passive territorial boundaries of Mthwakazi country stretches from Beit Bridge in the South to Zambezi River in the North and from Ramakgwebane (Plumtree) South West to Sanyathi River to the East.

(Refer to the map above)