Socialisation workshops will be held with all the stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of the broad plans of the Project as well as soliciting support for the initiatives. The members of the board of directors will be furnished with complete copies of the plan. Other stakeholders will be provided with the executive summary without the details of all the attachments.

All staff members will be gaining access to the highlights of the plan to ensure that everyone in the Project identifies with the context and appreciates the intentions of the strategic plan. The vision, mission and values of the Project will be posted at the main entrance of the building of the Project for clear visibility to visitors and staff members when entering the Project premises.

A periodic newsletter will be developed and highlights of the plan will be published periodically. Advertisements and marketing materials will also contain excerpts from the plan. Board member orientation will also emphasize the contents of the plan to ensure understanding and familiarity. Policy and procedure and employee manuals of the Project will contain portions of the plan. The major stakeholders will also be provided with complete copies of the plan.